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About Us

Across Consultants Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 to provide consulting services to clients either in the public or private sector, who require immediate solutions for various management issues.

Looking at our client’s situation from a broad perspective, encompassing all of the financial, economic, political, and organizational aspects of said situation, our services identify and analyze issues or problems, and create solutions which will ensure project sustainability and maximize the level of motivation and profitability.

President, Across Consultants Co., Ltd.
Institute of Strategic Economy


Our consulting services will create and implement solutions, including some drastic measures, but said services will also be provided to enhance competitiveness of the client organization on a mid and long-term basis. In other words, we encourage and assist our client organization to change into a learning organization, which can adjust itself and survive as the environment changes over a long term.

Consulting Approaches

  • Co-ownership of solutions with clients
  • Capacity building of client organizations and individuals
  • Enhancement of appropriate organization culture
  • High standard of ethics


We took the name “ACROSS” from John Lennon’s “Across the Universe.” This song has a phrase: “Nothing is gonna change my world.” In today’s world, many things are constantly changing. However, there are also some core values, which we believe should never change. Our consulting services are based on those core values: integrity, passion, and alacrity.

About the President

After having received BS from Osaka University, Mr. Watanabe worked as a technologist with a Shell-advised oil company in Japan for 10 years beginning in 1976. During his service he was sent to UK for English language training and to the Netherlands for technical training within Shell Group. He also participated in Shell’s economics course to evaluate project feasibility.

He then worked as an economist with Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan (ECFA) for four years under the auspices of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). He was engaged in various projects as a consultant for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Japan External Trade Organization.

Having received MBA from Darden Business School, University of Virginia in 1989, he worked as a management consultant for foreign capital companies with Dr. James. C. Abegglen, one of the founders of Boston Consulting Group.

In 1991, he established and became President of Across Consultants Co., Ltd.

For approximately the recent past 15 years, he was engaged in many projects executed by major trading companies, general contractors, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, World Bank, and Asian Development Bank. Representative assignments have been related to turnaround management, higher education, infrastructure development (for regional industrialization, underground railways, and road network construction), PFI projects, and assistance with business start-ups.

He was a committee member for International University Village under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Technology in 1999, Project Director of GMC for the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan in 2001, a committee member for Career Development Programs for Tokyo Bay University Consortium in 2002-3. Registered Member of Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals.


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