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Consulting and Training Services

1.Consulting Services

Our consulting services are provided using various analytical tools for financial analysis, market study, organization study, expense analysis, KFS analysis, business process analysis, etc.

  • Turnaround management
    Understandings on the client's business will enable further analyses to identify areas for improvement, innovations and organizational restructuring. Training services are also provided to create long-term competitiveness and sustainability.

  • Assisting start-up businesses
    To ensure successful start-ups, appropriate services are provided, such as market research, business strategy development, coaching and scenario planning.

  • Compensation and evaluation system
    One of the most important elements for top management is the evaluation system to enhance and keep high motivation of the organization. The suggested remuneration system (Compensation by Value Added: CVA) is based on the ideal mix of three factors, “Position”, “Performance" and “Person".

2.Training Services

Training services are not provided in the form of lecturing or fixed program, but by role-playing to maximize the impact. The participants in role-playing can have a wider perspective on management and improve their behavioral patterns. Management concepts used in the form of role-playing and workshops are based on the best practices and success stories in relevant businesses. Coaching and facilitation skills are also enhanced through training.

  • Consulting competency
    This training strengthens sales force and creates value-added workforce with consulting competency.

  • Management competency
    This can develop future business leaders and equip them with decision-making skills.

  • Scenario planning(Project management)
    This training assists the trainees to practice developing various scenarios so that business risks can be minimized by appropriate decision-makings.

  • Project evaluation
    The trainees can learn decision-making processes by conducting market analysis, financial analysis together with technical analysis.

  • Communication
    Effective communication within and outside of the organizations can improve competitiveness of any business organization.

  • Cross-cultural communication
    Cross-cultural communication is one of the major issues for managing today's global organizations.

  • Presentation skills
    Good presentation skill is a must for engineers, salesmen and managers to produce good business results.

  • Negotiation skills
    This training can develop negotiation skills to ensure win-win results for long-term relations.

  • Coaching skills
    With coaching skills, managers can meet the directions of organization with those of the individuals.

Examples of Our Services

Turnaround Management

  • PFI(Private Finance Initiative) enterprise for health and sports, Japan
    A PFI company in the health and sports industry was suffering from unexpectedly low revenue since the start-up in 2003. By engaging a new operating company with expertise in the relevant field, sports programs were strengthened for youths, which enabled a drastic increase in the number of members and the revenue. The total amount of operating expenses was also cut down.

  • Jakarta International Trade Center(JITC), Indonesia
    JITC in Indonesia was established in 1992 as a joint venture with Japan’s public funding, but its financial performance was worsened by the economic crisis in 1997. Grasping all managerial issues including those of the top management, the management was restructured drastically within half a year.

  • Duck meat exporter, Thailand
    One of the major duck meat processing exporters was nearly in bankruptcy due to excessive foreign loans denominated in USD after the currency crisis in 1997. After having confirmed the viability of the company with positive operating profit (PBIDT), new foreign investors were introduced and foreign loans were drastically written off, and the company was successfully reconstructed.

International Cooperation Projects

In education field; many projects for higher education program development, industrial human resources development, and assistance to international students.
In finance field; many projects on tourism, BOT (underground, toll roads), and scholarship program evaluation.

Training Services

Mini-MBA programs, development of international cooperation cases, English language training, and communication training.

International Negotiation and Interpretations

Licensing agreement for chemical plants, conflict resolution for hotel business, intermediation on closure of a US-based higher education institute in Japan, international negotiation for trading beauty equipment, assistance to management support agreement between companies in US and Japan


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