Thai Girl's Song Name: 城島 [2007/09/08,23:53:42] No.13

タイは、人口約6,200万人、GNI1,233億ドル、1人当たりGNI 2,000ドル。


Every morning the Seiko alarm clock wakes me up.
I brush my teeth with White Lion,
use Pias Foam to clean my face
and Kao Fesa to shampoo my hair.

I go to work in my Honda,
listening to the news from Nippon Denpa.
I turn on the Toshiba fan
and plug in the National electric kettle.

Where do I go for shopping?
Thai Daimaru, of course.
I buy nice dresses from Thai Tore.
I eat soba and drink sake.
I take pictures with Fuji films.
Back home, I listen to the Sony cassette player,
then turn on the Sanyo TV set,
tuning for Kamo Kendo.

I get a blast of Wacoal ads.
It's so nice to devour Japanese songs and music.

This is the modern way of life.
But then I start to doubt my identity.
I turn to the Asahi Glass mirror and ask:
Am I a Japanese or a Thai?
Am I a Japanese or a Thai.

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